Welcome to Mongolia

Mongolia is vast! Approximately the size of Western Europe yet there are only 2.8 million making Mongolia a spectacular destination for those wanting to feel at one with nature. A visit to the Gobi Desert will certainly accomplish that. Over half of Mongolia’s population live in the capital Ulaanbaatar, but many still practice their traditions of being Nomadic herders, spending their days grazing horses, yaks and camels sleeping in tents “Ger camps”, with almost as many horses as people in Mongolia. A trip outside of Ulaanbaatar will ultimately see you staying in one of these simple Ger Camps. For those with adventure in mind cross Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Railway.


China is full of culture and new experiences waiting to happen, It is an ultimate holiday experience whether soaking up the sun on one of its famous beaches or going jungle trekking or bamboo rafting, there is something for everyone.

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