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Responsible Travel

How we make a difference

At Xplore-Asia we believe Responsible tourism is about making a difference, and we endeavour to take people to local communities where you can experience the real ways of life in a safe manner, meanwhile respecting the delicate balance of the communities and ecosystems visited.

Tourism can have both negative and positive impacts its destinations. Our team is dedicated to training and using local guides, bringing a sustainable income to them and their families a step in the right direction to alleviating poverty in the rural communities through responsible travel and tours.

By trying to include home stays in our more adventurous tours we provide a valuable insight into local life and a valuable source of income to the communities, not only does this help sustainable tourism it also gives you a real life experience interacting with the local villagers.

How you can make a difference

Back to Nature

When travelling abroad there are several ways you can be a responsible traveler try spending a couple of days at an eco-lodge or community lodge going back to nature.

Local cultures; 

Try to respect local cultures and traditions and be polite when speaking with local people.

When visiting temples and religious buildings, please remember to remove your shoes and socks.  Also, your shoulders and knees should always be covered. Please do not attempt to touch people on the head as in this predominantly Buddhist Region, the head is the most scared part of the body and the feet is the most unholy so also do not look at someone and point at your feet, or point using your feet. Whilst in a temple you should always tuck your feet underneath you and women should never touch a monk or pass something to a monk directly.

Try to learn a few words of the local language on the internet or buy a phrasebook or when you arrive ask your guide who will be very happy to help with pronunciation.

Local Products:

Try to buy locally produced products rather than imported ones, these make for authentic souvenirs and presents to take home, with you happy in the knowledge of helping to support local economic development in the local communities, whilst minimizing the impact on their environment.


After you have returned home, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions that can assist in our on the ground service and development in the future. We are continually looking for new ways to improve our responsible tours and decrease the impact we have on local communities. If you have promised to send a picture or gifts to local people please remember to do so. If you are not sure how to do this contact us for assistance.

Tailor-made holidays designed for you. Our expertise in the region through our local offices and contacts on the ground means great planning, expert up to date knowledge and value for money, creating the perfect trip to meet your budget and requirements.